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    The largest Online Directory of
    Automobile Servicemen and
    Towing Van Operators in Nigeria.

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About Us

The MECOfinder™ App; the first of its kind in Africa and Nigeria purposely built to search and locate nearby competent automobile servicemen places you in an unbridled advantaged position as a vehicle owner and user whenever you find yourself in an emergency mechanical situation that ordinarily should make you panic.
The app built with all the required exquisiteness and finesse for optimal use and greater satisfaction is totally secure, simple and dependable.
With the app, the tortuous cycle of pain, frustration, agony, wasted manhours and helplessness that greet emergency mechanical situations is now officially over as you can now from the punch of your phone dictate how you want your world to react to such.
KodZone Technologies Limited Nigeria, GPS location-driven app is a SMART application for mobile devices with user-friendly interface and powerful functions to connect as many vehicle owners and users with competent automobile servicemen near them.
As the Largest Online Directory of competent automobile servicemen and towing van operators in Nigeria, you can rest assured about finding an immediate and long lasting solution whenever and wherever you experience a testy mechanical situation.
Main Features: * Simple, User-friendly Interface * Fast Response Time of fewer Seconds * Simple, Short Bio of each Servicemen on the App * Different Categorization of Servicemen Specialization * Phone Contact saving feature of Servicemen for Future Use * Feedback/Appraisal and Rating of Serviceman's Performance to guide other potential users
Problems downloading or installing the app? See http://bit.ly/2vkdgXq


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